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Avery Creek

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The waterfowl forum has been reopened; however after much discussion the admin staff is all in complete agreement on a few changes.

The junk that went on here during the season will not be tolerated. Flaming and personal attacks will result in immediate banning, no questions asked. Debate is fine, but once it gets personal your done.

For example if a person comes on here looking for spots to hunt, simply ignore the post. If you decide to jump on the person or bellyache about "cyberscouting" you will be banned.

Any arguments/issues brought here form other sites, will also get you a permanent vacation.

This was the most moderated forum we have, and there is no excuse for it, and if that is the direction it heads again, this forum will be deleted.

I am unable to spend much time on here during the day, but all the admins are in agreement on how this forum will be handled, and each of us will do what needs to be done.

So with all the negative stuff out of the way, welcome back and lets get this forum going again.


Thanks AC! I noticed my post on resident geese was deleted. Is that a topic that we can discuss or should we leave it alone?

Good to see you back. How's the training coming along?
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I'd like to echo Avery Creek's comments. If you are involved in feuds or have a hard time controlling your temper, this is probably not the forum for you.

Post here at your own risk.


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Sure am glad to see it back up and running. I hope we can all act like grown men this time around and use the forum like intended. I've learned alot from this section and look forward to learning lots more and having a place to brag about all my kills next season.....if I get Lets get along this time guys and enjoy the sport the way it's meant to be enjoyed.



Old Mossy Horns
Thanks mods, I promise to be good. BTW, I saw two wood ducks fly directly overhead at 8:10 this evening. They saw me and just kept coming and would have been in gun range had they been legal. Really cool to hear the wind from their wingbeats.

Ho ace

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Good job! Makes sense to me.

I doubt all will see the sticky and issues will probably arise but stick to your guns.


Button Buck
Like Nchunter 247, I am new to the site. Look forward to great comments, great pics (especially our 4 legged buddies) and wish everyone a productive and safe upcoming season.