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We are looking for a Foreman and Technician


Twelve Pointer
I need to hire a Foreman and/or Technician for a traveling position.
Sometimes we are kind of local and weekends are spent at home. On longer jobs that are greater than 5 hrs from home, the norm is five-six day weeks and a trip home every three weeks.
Competitive pay, per diem, 401k, short term/long term disability option, Holidays, health insurance, dental, and company vehicle.

Who we are: http://www.synergeticservicecorp.com

We are a company that does installations and maintenance on gates, vehicle barriers, and infrastructure.
We work mostly on military bases, government facilities, airports, dealerships or places where limited access is desired.

A foreman would need to be construction oriented an be able to run a small team of crew members in installations and PMs.
We are interested in a sharp person with people skills, good customer service, and reliability. Skills desired are: machine operator, concrete, electrical, hydraulic systems, welding and creative problem solving ability.

A technician would be more involved in the PM and service orders on electrical systems, hydraulic systems and infrastructure.

Frequently the duties of these positions could be interchangeable or mingle together.

I am looking for someone ready to go right away, but could also take some one with general construction skills, creativity, that is a quick learner with the right mind set, can adopt our culture, and would expect them to be able to step up to one of these roles after time.

Requirements are a reasonably clean background. No pending charges. No felonies at all. No drugs. We test and some sites test upon arrival.

Apply at website above.
PM me if needed or call 336-215-6435.
Micah Sandt