sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
That would be a sick feeling watching something that costs as much as my mortgage sinking under the waves.


Eight Pointer
I love a good day at the sandbar when the family wants to just relax and the kids want swim etc, but I dont understand the people pulling up in 60k to 80k sea hunts or other offshore boats that never leave the inlet. Then take 30 mins to anchor while bouncing off 5 other boats. Just by a deck boat or pontoon. On a positive note when it comes time to sell my skiff and upgrade for offshore fishing, there will be plenty of "Low hours, barely used, family boat" ads to buy at a discount. Just gotta watch for how much paint is missing off the skeg to see how many times they run them into shoals.


That last picture is very scary! Brings to mind the “duck boat” accident in Missouri.

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