Sticky Waterfowl kills - 2020 - 2021


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Here is one thread as we have done in the past for you to post a picture and a few details of your kill.

Kills only, please. Post congrats and comments in a separate thread. Non-kill posts will be deleted!
Shocked im the first one to post here. Went out Saturday to a farm I got permission at for a solo hunt. Set up 65 decoys and got the layout brushed. Nothing till 8am and then called a group of 20-25 in from 600 yds. I measured on google maps. Came in perfectly and landed where I wanted. Shot 4 and hit a fifth but didnt fall. Gotta love early season unplugged shotguns in NC. Only group that came in that day. Thats the first time ive field hunted geese. Only did it one other time and it was on a very small pond. So cool to watch those 747's coast in and land. Gave a bird to my buddy and his dad and also gave one to the land owner. Ground up another one for goose burgers. Im definitely hooked on it now. goose.jpg


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Just now getting around to posting these
2 geese while dove hunting Sept 19

6 geese (3 hunters) Sept 29

1 woodie drake and a bonus goose Oct 7 opener 4DE524B4-2E84-4DDF-9FF1-BEFD634C863D.jpegBE4A12D8-DB15-4941-AE3B-F3A5864F507E.jpeg


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Bird on ground looks like a hen wit the distinct white eye circle. Can't see the one on the bumper well enough. All the drakes I shot last week were fully colored out fwiw.