Waterfowl kill thread 2018-2019 season


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Here is one thread as we have done in the past for you to post a picture and a few details of your kill.

Kills only, please. Post congrats and comments in a separate thread. Non-kill posts will be deleted!


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Hard to tell from phone pic. Off water is 1000's of snow geese in middle of lake


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Youth Day 2/9. My son is 17 now and this was his last "youth waterfowl" day. I remember the first few years I took him duck hunting. He shot behind every duck by about 10' at 8-10 years old. At 12 years old, he started getting the hang of it. At 17 years old, he can hold his own with the best of them. Tons of fun. Thank goodness for Ring necks. Our blind got a 3 gun limit with 3 boys 15-17. Some of the younger kids did pretty good as well. Weather was good. Cold, wind, and some rain. Perfect day to close it out. My Olive girl fetched them all like a champ.