Washing deer hunting clothing


Six Pointer
What do y’all wash your deer hunting clothing in? I know it’s hard to find a uv enhancer free detergent. The grocery store has a few brands like Purex and All that are scent and dye free. Those seem like a much better deal to me. Opinions?

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
The HS sports green body wash. scent killer or scent away or some catchy name. or scent free arm &hammer.
I have too many " they come from any direction" stands to not try to minimize stink.
Like @Tipmoose said- It works for me.


Six Pointer
I ended up getting a bottle of eccos free and clear plant based something or another. Free and clear with no UV enhancers. 9$. Big bottle and can be used for other stuff. It will be dosed pretty good with permithrin. Thanks !!!!!!!


Eight Pointer
Free n clear arm and hammer, never washed in washing machine always in a tub of lukewarm water. Hot water really fades it quickly. But that's only the camo I wear deep into habitat or like archery season. Majority of it gets washed with everyday clothes because half the time I hunt in whatever I'm wearing at the end of the day


Twelve Pointer
I use a scent free/dye free detergent. Some Walmart brand I think.

Hang clothes outside to dry. Store in a box with some cedar.


Old Mossy Horns
Wash???? I hang mine outside in the rain. Let them air dry, then hang em under the shed. The articles that come inside are stored in a bag with pine or cedar until I'm ready to dress. Go back to bag when done.