Wal Mart clearance


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Appreciate the heads up

Bought CVA Optima LR Nitride w scope for $236 out the door today

Ps Missed same one at local Walmart they sold for $110 just before I arrived👀🙈
Dang it. We tryin to convince you to have less weapons and kill less deer. And there you go buying another gun.

Truth be told you’d still be stacking bodies even if you just had the ol stick n string


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Checked the 2 closest to me and they were already sold out of everything I was after, might check a few more tomorrow

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Picked up a 6 volt solar charger and a digital spin feeder set for pennies on the dollar. Last one of each at the Mt.Airy Walmart but they haven't marked everything down yet.


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Picked up a pair of camo pants for $7 at the Walmart in King nc ,I got the last pair of large but they had plenty of medium for $7 . Did not need them but for 7 bucks I had to have them. They also had some other things on clearance, $29 digital spin feeder timer , $69 lock on stand with a big net lock on chair . No CVA Optimas or primers that I could see (no one working in the sporting goods section ) .They also had some ammo but not on sale.
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I’ve picked up some great clearance deals at Walmart over the years, and not just on muzzleloading stuff.

Many years ago, like mid 90’s, they were closing a “regular” Walmart, due to opening a “Super” Walmart nearby. This was back when you could get just about any long gun you wanted at WallyWorld. The Old Man left with 5 long guns for ~$1200 bucks. I disremember how much each individual one cost, but he left with:
- Ruger 96/22 .22WMR
-Ruger 77/22 .22 Hornet
-Remington M7SS 7mm-08
-Remington M700 SenderoSF 7mmSTW
-Winchester M70 Classic Pre-64 7mm Rem Mag

All are still owned by either The Old Man or myself.

But back to the muzzleloader stuff, I’ve picked up Blackhorn 209 for $12 a jug a few times, and primers for a couple bucks a pack often. My best haul was probably 3 CVA Wolf combos for $74 each.


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For some reason my local Walmart has not marked any hunting or shooting stuff down in years. Not sure what they do with it but it sure as heck isn’t ever marked down until they replace it with other seasonal items.

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I bought a tactacam solar panel , lithium battery combo and looks like it may be faulty. It's not charging
This will be the first one I've had that was bad. And it's a different version than all the others I have, I wonder if it's made fir Walmart?
I bought the others straight from Tactacam.


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The Walmarts up here have clearanced a lot of stuff in the last week or so. Picked up a bunch of muzzleloader supplies for nearly nothing yesterday.

Brass No.11 cappers for $0.74 each
Speed loader 3 pks for $1.94 each
No.11 caps for $1.58 a can
Blackhorn for $14.47 a jug

They even had some of their reloading supplies on clearance. Nothing I needed, but some of their RCBS dies were marked down 50%.