Updated: Prayers needed

Prayers are needed for this young man. Bryson is 15 years old and was dog hunting with some buddies yesterday in Onslow County. As I understand it they were on foot following the dogs when his buddies went ahead and walked around a curve in the road. Bryson went into the woods unbeknownst to his buddies. The deer came to the edge of the woods and one of his buddies took a shot. 2 buckshot hit Bryson. One in the abdomen and the other hit him above his eye and traveled to the back of his head. He had surgery but the Drs decided to leave the pellet in his head. He did open his eyes today briefly and squeezed his brothers hand. The next few days are critical. Please pray View attachment 82394
This is awful. God be Bryson and the rest of the boys.


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Update: amazing progress but keep praying

updated this morning that Bryson has continued to progress and amaze his doctors and nurses!! He responded to prompts this morning with a thumbs up, not just once but a few times!! He’s opening his eye briefly and using his hand to scratch.

Progress in his condition is amazing considering what he’s endured the last 2 days.

Your prayers and positive vibes and thoughts are working, please don’t stop now!!

Please pray for the swelling in his brain to decrease so they can asses the full level of injury from the bullet. Pray for No infection, and please Pray he starts moving his left side, as he’s not shown any response from that side of his body. We still have so far to go, but he’s a miracle in the making!!