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Sticky Updated Classified forum rules

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We try to keep things simple around here, but in order to manage chaos and help ensure that ads are treated fairly by all, we will have a few rules for the classifieds sections. Please read before posting:

1. All items for sale must be listed. All ads must have prices. Ads without prices will be deleted. If you are open to trades, list a price and express interest in trades. Put your location in the ad - many folks view from mobile devices and your profile location doesn't show. So help your potential buyers out by listing a location in the ad.

2. If you have questions or are interested in a classified ad that's listed, please use the PM feature to contact the seller. Don't clutter up the ad space with long threads. Also, see #4

3. NO COMMERCIAL ADs. If you have a business, put a link in your signature block. Trust it, if your business is a good one, others will advertise for you! Also, please don't post links to other classified or auction sites. If it appears that your posts are of a commercial nature they will get deleted. Commercial does not equal full time work, if you are doing something for a profit it is commercial. References to customers or taking deposits for work are commercial in nature. If in doubt, check with a moderator/admin.

4. You are allowed to bump your ad once every 120 hours (5 days). If you bump your ad before that time period, it will be deleted. Only two bumps are allowed. extraneous posts in an add are considered bumps. There is no need to post up "PM sent" or "PM replied to" etc. Be considerate of other posters. If you have additions to the description or new pictures add it to the original post.

5. Delete your post when the item is sold - the delete function is under "administrative" at the top of your for sale thread. No need to post up 'sold' or some such just delete the thread. If you post 'sold' it will get deleted eventually and this includes 'sold pending funds', SPF, 'sold pending link up';, or other expressions that the item has sold. If it's not sold, then don't say it is.

6. Purchase items at your own risk. While we do our best to fight off scammers, we are not responsible for deals gone bad. However, if you find yourself getting worked over, please let us know - we will do our best to help you but there is only so much we can do - but so far there haven't been a lot of problems.

7. Please combine your items into one thread as often as possible. This helps your fellow forum members by keeping things together.

8. You must have a minimum post count of 50 to post threads in the classifieds. Do not place a classified ad elsewhere in the forum due to not having the required post count.

Note 1: NCHuntandFish is not a classifieds site. We have a classifieds section just so that NCHuntandFish members can help each other out with deals and finds. If you are here looking for profit, please don't post.

Note 2: The intention of the 50 post rule is to protect all members from scammers, spammers and the like. It was set to make sure members contributed to the forum in order to place a classified or wanted ad. Post padding with simple one or two words in rapid succession of posts a minute apart will be deleted. Please make sure your posts are productive and enjoy the forum for the original intent.
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