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Update Thursday 5/20 Trapper John aka 41Magnum has passed away


Twelve Pointer
I’ve talked with John on a few occasions and done business as well. I gave him some beef fat at no charge and he tossed me a few resharps then said heck here’s a couple more. Left a great enough impression at a later date I bought some lure.

Glad Joy was able to be there.


Old Mossy Horns
I never had the pleasure but we were supposed to meet up... I have those turkey feathers he wanted for someone to make earrings out of..... I still plan to deliver..... pay my respects to the family..... if someone has the address I will drop them off after things settle.... praying for the family


Old Mossy Horns
I exchanged some texts with John a while back regarding getting a fox for training. He was very genuine in his efforts to help a total stranger, it was coming from a kind hearted guy, I knew that in just the short time we spoke, hate we can't meet up and talk some dogs. Praying for his family and friends.


Old Mossy Horns
Very sorry to hear this news. Not what I was hoping and praying for. Never met John, but enjoyed his posts. Our NCH&F family has lost way to many of our own this past year, several to covid.
Prayers going up for Johns family.


Six Pointer
Sad news indeed and prayers for his family. Didn't know him personally but looking through his posts is a wealth of information and firsthand knowledge especially trapping, gunsmithing. Will his post remain accessible on the forum?


Old Mossy Horns
This past year has been full of sad news. So sorry to hear of 41Magnum's passing, and condolences to his wife & family.


Button Buck
Celebration of life service for John is June 5 visitation is at 2 PM service is at 3 PM There is a dinner after the service for everyone who would like to stay. Calvary missionary Methodist church,
185 Calvary Church Rd., Olivia, NC 28368


Ten Pointer
I met John on a few occasions. I bought some knives from him a couple of times. He just seemed like a genuine guy as did his wife. Sad story.


Twelve Pointer
He was super helpful when my son wanted to try trapping. I regret I didn’t see this sooner. I owe a great debt to good folks here and am flexible enough to have gotten her there. I’m glad at least that was resolved. Really hate to hear all this. I just talked to him a few months ago. QBD/Yancey, if there’s anything I can do to help with continuity in the business please let me know. I’ve a few contacts from a little travel and will leverage wherever I can to support.