Unreal Elk Experience


Old Mossy Horns
I was out in Colorado with a farming client of mine and we had plans to hunt some public land around his place while we got some work done. We got our work done and he put me in the truck to head out to hunt. I knew something was up when we passed into New Mexico! We ended up hunting a ranch in Chama, New Mexico.

Best hunting experience of my life. If you haven’t been out West and chased elk, I suggest you start making plans!



Twelve Pointer
Congratulations! So glad you got a big bull. That's an awesome hunting experience.

<>< Fish


Ten Pointer
Your face screams "I still don't know why I'm sitting here!"----Priceless.

That's awesome. Thanks for sharing. The reaction in your photos is lifting. You're still surprised. You're a grown *** man, and you look like a kid a Christmas. I don't know any other way to explain it.



Eight Pointer
That is freakin AWESOME Josh!

That dude sounds like a great client. It’s obvious he thinks a lot of you.



Old Mossy Horns
Disappointed - I thought maybe there was a trick I need to learn. Best elk hunt I've been on was just E of Chama
We saw hundreds of elk and over 20 bulls, that area is unreal. This ranch is on a major transition zone out of the San Juan.