UNC 2019 Football season begins


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A good analogy of UNC football would be a guido hanging out at the disco with a stuffed sock in his polyester slacks. When it gets down to go time, he’ll be exposed for what he is.

This Mack Brown hype is hilarious.

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Old Mossy Horns
the only thing i can compare it (mack hype) to is the thor hype preceding unc's death penalty. I'm still laughing and I DGAS either way.
welcome back db.
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It's just uncanny.

The way it works is........give a month, after the current season, to let the disappointment of the actual games dissipate with the fan base......then start the hype. The beautiful thing about this is.........no one can beat you, during hype season. You don't have to actually live up to anything...and none of your fan base holds you accountable.

The worst day of a UNC football season is about the 3rd week, once they've gotten past the perennial powerhouses like W&M and NC Central.

Anyways......it's entertainment.

They used to be able to say....."Wait 'til basketball season". But, K changed all that, too. They're not even the best basketball school in the state, anymore.