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Sticky Turkey Kill Thread - 2021


Twelve Pointer
Martin County. First gobble at 6:05 this morning and down at 6:40. Called him off of the neighboring farm and he was just as fired up coming in as I have EVER heard!! Bulk of the beard is 10.75" but there are some strands at 11". Both spurs 1 1/8". 20 yard shot with 3.5" Triple Beard.


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Old Mossy Horns
15" beard, 24.67lbs and 1" spurs.
TSS #9 from .20ga at about 20 yards.
Three strands went 15". The weight of this bird is almost 2lbs more than any NC bird I've ever shot.

I had the pleasure of yelping up this Tom for a buddy and his son on his first turkey hunt. It was a hoot.

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Twelve Pointer
Mountain public bird.
30ish steps. 20 gauge 3rd degree.
triple reed batcut diaphragm like always.

Was headed to work after a long morning hunt and saw a hen walking from public to private at like 11. Figured she was gonna go lay so it was a good time troll up a lonely bird.

I rolled down to the curve and got out quiet with just my gun and call. Slipped over the bank and called and they blew my hat off gobbling like 80 yards away. Screaming. Double gobbling at each other

They came back and forth from 80 to 50 and back for like 30 minutes then called in a jake to them. While they were gobbling to holy hell back and forth with that jake, I got around in front and just below them and started scratching in the leaves and calling soft laying prone behind a stump. That went on for like 20 minutes of nonstop gobbling at my face at 40 yards. The strutter never broke to me. He was at like 60 when I shot this one.

Finally this bird eased down the hill andhung at 40 behind a big log where I could only see is head going back and forth.

finally he came around that log at like 32ish and busted me, ran that head up high. I putted twice and shot. DRT.
Right off the side of the road. They were double gobbling at trucks going by.
Cool hunt.