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Sticky Turkey Kill Thread - 2021


Twelve Pointer
Pisgah Bird. 4-10-21
2yo. 10” beard. 1” Spurs.
20 gauge. 3” Federal 3rd degree

Got this bird and a loudmouth Tom going at daylight. Had them close enough to hear drumming and walking in the leaves 3 times, but the fog was awful.

Ended up repositioning 4 sets over a mile before got them called in close enough to get a look at. Strutter got past my little lane and he was about 32 yards and obscured by fog.
This bird popped into my little lane through the laurels and I dusted him at 24 steps.

Great hunt. Got to hear about 150 gobbles over the course of 3 hrs and they were screaming, no competition from other people, lots of runnin and slipping with my buddy, and a pretty day on the hill. 97A82910-F195-4E0C-B073-394A11E551AF.jpeg


Old Mossy Horns
Fun weekend opener for my crowd. Opening morning was fun. Got this bird with the new Mathews V3. Got video. Hopefully I'll find time to upload it. Lighting was perfect. Update: The video transfer to youtube lost some quality, but you get the idea....

And then on Sunday, I spent all day (except for the 9:30-12:30) introducing these rookies to turkey hunting. ;) Boy did they catch on fast.🤠🤟:bass:

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Twelve Pointer
Rutherford County
April 13th at 1:15pm
40 yard shot
Remington 870 Super Mag
Winchester Double X 12GA #4 Shot (Kicks like a frigging mad mule)

After getting on and off the scale holding the bird 3 times it comes out to....25.2 pounds. Chris the taxidermist just called and verified the weight.

11" Beard

Only One Spur the other is broken off, spur is just under 1.5 inches

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