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Sticky Turkey Kill Thread - 2021


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Here's another kill thread that follows the pattern set by the deer kill threads in archery, ML and gun sections. This thread is for kill reports/pics only. All others will be deleted.

Post up your kills only here, along with weapon, load, weight, spurs, etc, and any other basic information you might want to include. Kills only, please, all others will be deleted.

Follow the pattern set forth on the archery kill thread for deer. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!!!

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
Marion County SC- March 25th 7:10 AM
9.25 beard 1-1/16th spurs
25 yd shot TSS #9's loaded by @dhsten - 870 12 ga,
Gooserbatt mouth call mark shrape cane call.

Nice gobbling on roost by multiple birds
Lone gobbler came with 4 jakes trailing across a big field.. The jakes absolutely pummeled him after the shot. He had no fan left when they were done. :)
After two hunts without a sound this was a nice change.