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Turkey Hunting and Challenging Weather Conditions


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Different weather conditions offer unique challenges and we just need to adapt to overcome them. Rain, wind, heat, are just some of them. T Storms and Tornadoes I tend to find a place far from turkey woods to hole up till its over. Ive killed Tom's in downpours sitting on a field so I often set up a blind to retreat to if things get to bad. I remember one time it was getting down to the end of the season and I had a tag yet to fill and that Saturday was a miserable wet day. We had heard a Gobbler in this swamp at daybreak but shortly after that it started raining and he shut up. By lunch time the rain had become steady with the occasional downpour miserable to hunt in. I was still in the learning stages so I was hunting with Rick who was already tagged out.. We decided to set a pop up blind in a field that bordered the swamp to hunt the afternoon. At times the rain was so hard on the blind roof we couldn't hear each talk. Most of the calling we did was on a box call. We heard that joker gobble at us about 1 pm when the rain died down for a bit but soon it was back to pouring down. We'll to make a long story short that gobbler came into us in the pouring down rain a little after 3. I filled my tag and thought a sane person be anywhere but the turkey woods.
But ya can't kill them from the living room.

I have hunted a number of times when it's windy and not had much success. I think wind just wears on you after a while and is one of the most miserable times to hunt. Movement is so hard to pick out because every thing is moving and you can't hear. I try to find drop offs or hillsides that block the wind but so far I've not had much luck.

Heat to me is tough and just not a condition I really want to hunt much in. Days like that I often skip the mid day hunt and just hunt mornings and evenings.

What conditions do you find challenging and what are strategies you use to overcome them?


Old Mossy Horns
Only one condition I have real hard time with that is strong wind 90% my hunting is ntnl forest mtns hardwoods no real fields so stuck with creek bottoms in wind which are numerous and bird density low so it takes lot luck for me in strong wind. I hate the heat but I will hunt it rain doesn't bother me at all I have open spots that I know birds use during even heavy rain put on my rain coat take my little tree umbrella and I'm good. I'm not much on blinds I like being out in open plus its just not practical for me to try pack one and chair through woods at 0400 walks that cover lot ground I pack to much as is. My ideal hunt is frost in a.m. and no warmer than 55 during day clear skies no wind.


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I like where it rains through the night, then clears right about daybreak. There's still rain dripping off trees, so the turkeys will head to openings. Had some fast hunts by being set up in the first clearing closest to the roost.