Turkey for Thanksgiving wild or store bought?


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Or maybe some of ya's raised your own. I've never had wild turkey (the bird kind) on Thanksgiving. We pretty much eat them when we get them. Now that I hunt some in VA the option is there with a 2 day Thanksgiving season. Turkeys are hit or miss on my place besides we are staying home. Maybe a wild one for Christmas VA has some more opportunities to bag a bird in Dec and Jan so will see.

Just my wife and I so I picked up a small bird to cook. 39cents a lb at publics seemed to good to be true. I'm hearing some wild prices for birds this year (thanks Mr. Putin)

I read this story from the west coast by outdoor writter trying to figure out what to have ....
.I can't imagine $90 for a domestic bird....



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my Wife would merely say "are you crazy?" if I offered up a wild turkey (bird) for her to cook for thanksgiving,,,
though she WOULD cook me one, along with the fat ol' butterball for her and the girls,,

this year, there is a turducken to cook (along with the butterball),,,, grandsons are looking forward to it, though I doubt they eat much of it but they sure want to see them three birds stuffed together!

of course Wife did say "you cooking that outside?",,, and of course I said yes:mosh:


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Wild turkeys dont last long enough after they are killed. Every one I kill never makes it to the freezer. Eating them for me closes the whole circle of the hunt. This year Im smoking one and frying 2 plus a ham, all store bought.

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I wouldn't even try to cook a whole wild turkey for Thanksgiving. I used to like to smoke a turkey. Still do but,,,,, for Thanksgiving fried is where it's at !👍


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Most years store bought I'm bout only one that eats wild turkey here I have few times fried me up some wild tenders on Thanksgiving or Christmas. As far as price food lion 29cents pound got 3 of em could only get 1 at time but crazy cheap eat one this week at Christmas then during winter.


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Years ago, my 1st attempt @ smoking a whole Wild Turkey for Thanksgiving I petrified it. Can't remember if we had a backup or not. I just remember the legs were dry as leather, kind of like jerky. I might try it again if a store bought 20# Turkey was $80 though. Have a Happy Thanksgiving y'all!