Four Pointer
Anybody fish for trout in the mountains late fall/early winter in NC?
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Six Pointer
Thinking about fishing some around Cherokee this winter. You fly fish or just use bait?
Fly fish. It and the park are both good places to fish. Cherokees stocking schedule isn’t consistent like NC stocking schedule

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Old Mossy Horns
If you wanna catch and release go to any delayed harvest stream they stock first Oct and Nov I catch fair amount in fall winter

old dog

Some of the biggest wild trout I have caught have come in the winter. Same big caddis indicator trailing a wet royal coachman and a nymph (hares ear type tied with squirrel) that I use all year, just a deeper set on the wets.


Button Buck
I used to fly fish in high school but never could master anything but nymphs. I stick to natural baits, spinners, jigs, etc.


Six Pointer
I've fished East fork of French Broad in November about 8 years ago, it was so cold I had to break the ice close to bank to get in water. I was fly fishing, them trout barely sipped the flys off the water.
I've also fished Helton creek. Mills river.
I turn over rocks to see what's attached too.

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Six Pointer
My SIL and I went to Cherokee back in late Oct, and the water was so low. It was hard to fish. We still caught some. But not as many as normally.

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Old Mossy Horns
Winter fly fishing can be tough. Trout aren't as apt to chasing meat like they are in the warmer months. I find myself fishing smaller nymphs and being much more patient. Fly placement is key as they aren't likely to move much for food so if you're fishing a run, give yourself a few extra casts before moving on as you never know how much an inch here or there can change the outcome. If you were to ask me what my favorite cold water flies are, I'd say stick to the basics. Go with beadhead hares ears or pheasant tails. I like blood midges and rainbow warriors as well. Don't go big, remember typically the water is very clear in the winter. If you can fish around a low pressure system, that's good too. I've had good luck going in after a good winter rain where it warms and muddy's the water up a bit.


Six Pointer
I like to fish waters where single hook in line spinners are allowed. Used white and yellow Rooster tails and Panther Martins in black and yellow.