Trout camp 1st wknd June.


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I had so much fun this past weekend, had to run back up there today.
Had to work a little harder for them, but got 7.
Even ended up catching a couple off of Ron's rock ! @Blackwater !View attachment 148259
I hope your wore duck boots in @Blackwater ’s honor. I seen them in a pic and it took me back to my childhood. My brother had a pair of camo ones and even wore them in the summer . Even tho they were insulated


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I've been trying to put into words what this get together was for me. They've all been fun and I've always been amazed at how well a bunch from the internet can get together and have such a community. This year just has more meaning for me. When I had my accident I knew this year would be different. So many people from this forum were right there to support my wife and I, there was much more than the prayer thread going on behind the scenes so to speak. I still read that prayer forum and gain strength and perspective from it. I'm not going to rattle off names because you all know who you are and I can't thank you all enough. The "friends of the pisgah", that just warms my heart. I also got to see 3 people who really made our turkey season make plans to hunt with each other and the smile that gave me hurt my face in the best way. I can't thank yall enough, but it was so good to be there and I look forward to seeing you all again.