Trout being stocked in Wake County this winter


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If I told you how I caught 40+ Brookies in 2 hours in a 4’ wide creek walking around 10-15 Fisherman every 500 yards you’d throw rocks at me. I’ve posted up pics of natives and stockies caught. I do have a backpack case for a Spinner outfit for really wore patches. Cast masters and the pink trout magnets seem popular here in PA.

I like phoebe minnnows in NY. Kids run a million varieties of powerbaits. Locals buy from lure maker in a unique bead config.

Trout fishing definitely serious business here.
When I was a kid a small marshmallow and 2 mealworms or corn was the ticket in PA. That was in ponds/ lakes... just corn in the creeks.


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We got into them a little bit out at Bass Lake....very little bit. First cast we had a large (20+ inch) brookie on the beach, then hours of watching cormorants catch and eat trout. They should have dealt with the cormorants before putting the trout in, it was a blood bath. That said we saw three trout caught in about 4 hours of fishing. That's a really slow day on pellet heads haha. Also, I'm not much for the taste of farm raised fish, so even after a dill brine and three hours of peach wood smoke....still pretty "tilapia-like". Anyone else have any luck?


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I tried it one morning and didn't even get a bite. 4 hrs of watching birds feast and not much more. 10 people fishing I didn't see anyone land one