Ten Pointer
Three weeks ago a big water oak saved me when a leaning power pole broke and the power line would have landed on me but the tree caught it . Saturday a sweet gum tried to kill me when I went to check my ladder stand. Someone had been messing with the stand and it was loose . I carefully climbed the ladder and was getting ready to tighten the stand when the sweet gum threw me 15 feet to the ground . I landed on my feet and now my right knee and shoulder are messed up . This past summer my cousin had a wreck on his Harley . My tree rash is a hell of a lot worse than his road rash .


Eight Pointer
Set up a ladder stand, got it all tight, added camo, etc. Sat down, looked up and there was a big broken branch just hanging over the stand.
Now I know to check BEFORE doing all the work.


Six Pointer
Hell , I’m still a youngster . Turn the numbers around and I’m 17 !

A relative of mine was cutting up some trees that fell during a tornado and got all twisted together. One released and hit him in the head, and he'll never be the same. Completely changed him as a person. He recently changed his name and is now quite literally a different person. BE SAFE OUT THERE>

My family has been cutting trees my whole life and I've seen some horrible things. It's probably the most dangerous endeavor in the field. Take your time, check and double check your surroundings and your cuts and never chop/cut wood alone.


Old Mossy Horns
Some good and rough luck all mixed in there hope nothing serious with the knee like said above I think I'd hunt ground rest year