Tred Barta Passes at Age 67


Ten Pointer
Lot worse things than dying... it's a shame that after all he had done in his life he felt as lonely and out of place as he did at the end.


Twelve Pointer
“Life is just a vapor” is humbling... and it’s realization is dealt with in so many different ways. All though he felt lost... good to know he had been “found” and made the most of life.


Ten Pointer
Hard to here that such a strong willed Man was so lost , he was a true sportsman and will definetly be missed by many.


Twelve Pointer
Always loved his show because of the spirit he lived with and the vigor in which he spoke about and pursued his quarry. RIP Tred.

sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
I have a lot of respect for him. He was unique and was an inspiration to many. Watching his show usually left me shaking my head though.
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Ashy Larry

Ten Pointer
He lived up a drainage from me in CO when I was out there. Good dude, a little brash and rubbed some the wrong way but he meant well. I helped a friend scout elk for him in a wheelchair accessible area after his first accident. RIP

red neck richie

Ten Pointer
DAM! I watched his show years ago and enjoyed it. Ironic that he prided himself on doing things the hard way then he really had to do things the hard way with physical ailments and couldn't really cope mentally. RIP Tred.
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