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Was scouting today to set a new property, i found this track, it's close to a large creek but diddn't look like an otter track. Could it be a kitty cat?

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otter and yote have claws and that looks about as wide as it is long=cat

canine are longer than they are wide
I thought so too, i was hopeing someone would say cat, because i have never caught one. The owner said he has saw a cat once before, so looks like i will be setting a cat set.

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If ya need any tried and true cat getters like BeavRcat or BTO or Prowler or Castorium lures let me know
I like that Prowler. Heck I like em all. My pit bull/Plott mix female likes em the most. She went into my trapping shoulder bag that I use sometimes and pulled out all the lures I got from John and once she sniffed em and realized she couldn’t get the tops off, she laid down with them tucked under her chin. Thank god she didn’t bust em loose