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the other part of the story

within 36 hrs of that photo I was back on Okinawa (where I was stationed at the time),,,,,made selection and came back to NC in May of 1986,,,,,other than a short Christmas time leave that is all we were together our first year of marriage,,,,basically 19 days together in the first 365

kind of set the tone for the rest of our lives,,,and folks wonder why the divorce rate was so high!!

but thank the Big Guy Upstairs she is a strong willed woman,,,,and able to fend,,,a true She-lion,,


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It's a fortunate man who chooses a life mate who will stand by him and endure the separations and hardships imposed by a military career. My bride and I are working on 57 years together, 4 deployments during the VN debacle and many out of town trips up to a month in length while in the private sector, and as long as you put her needs ahead of your own, within reason, then I expect that you'll grow old together to share the experiences that brings.
Yes, fortunate indeed, and always treat her like the queen she is.


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Congrats, JP. Thats quite an accomplishment. You outkicked your coverage for sure with her. She's a keeper. :) But you already knew that. :)


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What I said is correct......I know 1990 -now is 29 years and 25 years of wonderful marriage is correct lol . I never said all of them were wonderful ;) I tell my wife that all the time.

I will never forget reading that on our website. I absolutely stole it. Someone (can't remember who, maybe you Mack?) said they were married X wonderful years, and then posted the year. People caught on quick.

Again, I STOLE whomever first posted that, from here, but my MRS's family members whom we only see once a year ask me EVERY year, "so how many years is this year?", because sometimes, it goes down lol.

I can't BELIEVE I sat and ate with Woodmoose, talked a bunch, and he NEVER mentioned that (oh, by the way) it was his anniversary!!!I found out when I read this post! That's just the kind of subliminal ninja he is I guess.

Congrats again buddy! Those of us whom remember your family attending the get together spoke about it quite a bit after you left. Would love to see them, even if not all of them, again down there!


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Congratulations to both of you. You not only served, she did too. It takes a great wife/husband to
stand by their spouse during these times. You did good!

My wife went through seven years with me, and too many times during those years I worked
law enforcement/corrections,etc. June 19 th we hit 48 yrs, and if you count the 3 we went together
in HS, but who's counting?