Thompson center or CVA??


Button Buck
Looking for a new rifle to deer hunt tossup between a Thompson center impact
or CVA wolf.
What do you guys think which of the two are tack drivers
Powder of choice BH209


Eight Pointer
My son's Impact shoots well with 80gr BH209 and 240 XTP in green crush rib sabot. The Wolf can be had in stainless or nitride which is a plus.

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
I love the way my CVA Optima works and shoots but I don't think you coulx make a bad choice with either.


Six Pointer
My first ML was a CVA Wolf, good gun. I upgraded to the CVA Optima and I will not be getting a different ML because I love everything about it. I've killed 2 with it in 2 seasons including my best to date buck at 125 yards. Dont know much about the TC so I can't bash it but the CVA has done more than I expected


Old Mossy Horns
Ill give another nod to a optima catch one on sale or maybe wally world for decent price. That is one tough one to beat very simple to clean and shoots great


Eight Pointer
I have both CVA and Thompson Centers. Hunted with both over the years. Currently hunting with a CVA wolf. CVA's are made in Bulgaria and the Thompson Centers are made in the US if that's a factor in the purchase. Like its been said, can't go wrong with either.

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Button Buck
Guys question
What height scope rings are you using on the Thompson center impact.
I see the hammer on the impact can be a problem with a Low mount ring.