This only happens outside turkey season...


Eight Pointer
Saw these 2 jokers moseying down the road eating bugs when I was scouting today after work between breaks in the rain. Stopped my car and turned the engine off. Amazingly, they came fairly close to the car. I spent 10 minutes just watching them. Highlight of my day today!!!

They were both very brown, no bright coloring. The one on the right had a white head. Did not see any beards. My guess is a jake and a hen, but I'm probably wrong. What do they look like to y'all? Sorry for the not great pictures. My phone is old and does not take good pictures.



Old Mossy Horns
To blurry when blow it up but right one does look like Jake usually they hang together this time year but seen 1 longbeard 1 hen and 5 jennies in my brothers front yard in Conover been coming in every eve to eat in corn field. As far as vehicle they norm don't pay them no mind ive pulled right up on them strutting in middle forest service rds made em gobble like crazy and they don't leave. Step out door and they'll be gone


Twelve Pointer
I love seeing wild turkeys anytime of year but yes they seem to taunt us sometimes in the offseason it seems, on some backroads I’ve almost had to get out and shoo them out of the road haha


Eight Pointer
That’s not white it’s light grey, when you see a big white head you’ll know it

Two big ol hens. They ought to have some poults somewhere close, not a good sign