This may shock some people but....


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Long shot, but you think the tugs might be turning up the sediment around the old outfall pipe area. They dumped a lot of harmfull shit in that river for years...??

Thats a lot of sand to haul in by truck in that pic. Looks like dredge spoil judging by the berm system around the fill area. They dredge the area behind the plant and deposit the spoil on plant property?
Just some wild ass guesses on my part.


Eight Pointer
Id look at the timing of the dredging in relation to when you saw the grass beds die up that way.
Not making any statements about that being the culprit. Just thinking out loud.


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Why's that? The algal blooms it's talking about are in the Albemarle Sound not just ponds and the Chowan River. This stuff is having a direct impact on our fisheries.
Man, my bad! Ones I'd seen, dogs dying, were in ponds and lakes...
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Old Mossy Horns
I'd like to see the situation investigated instead of just writing it off....find the reasons and fix it.
i'll go out on a limb and suggest your area fishery bio can help you understand the issue. They are listed under ncwrc contacts,
Try them am]nd let us know what they say. they will return a call or email in a flash ime,