This is why I don't like these dang lizards.


Old Mossy Horns
dang, we were (sort of) neighbors,,,,

in 1985 I bought a lot on Riverview Dr, on the little river,,, ditched it to buy the land in Hoke County,,,

I like the Little River,,

Small world, so close yet so far away. Kind of neat though. I lived there a couple years.

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
THis was near Carolina Beach, closer really to there than much of Wilmington. But my wife's uncle has had them in his marina in the salt in Wilmington. And no reason they couldn't be in Chinquapin, could easily work up the NE Cape Fear River.
they come up the Neuse occasionally all the way to Raleigh. 3 were in the Neuse Inside of the Raleigh city limits a few years back ... 1 was in clayton last year.

They come up the cape fear to buckhorn dam as well...........and as a matter of fact there is one right now in the rocky river between 501 and bear creek as we speak. I have a buddy who fishes there and sees him every now and then.