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This Doe seems to have bonded with me OK...


Ten Pointer
This was the 5th time she's stepped out of the dozen 'Welfare Deer' when they hit the back yard.
Walks right to me when I sit down on the back steps with the corn pail, and eats right at my feet.

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That is awesome Roundball, have tried for a couple years to get them to respond like that in my backyard, I can toss than stuff of the deck ,but not comfortable enough to let me get that close. IMG_20201027_120701.jpg


Old Mossy Horns
That's awesome! But if I'm seeing it right she's still got an eye on ya.....
I’ve noticed that in different circumstances but
am always undecided if that’s just the way they appear.

For example, she’ll routinely lift her head and swivel it completely around to look at other deer behind her, and is only about a foot away from me, apparently not worried


Old Mossy Horns
I stepped into the kitchen an hour ago...and there were a dozen Welfare Deer bedded down in the back yard. The bulk of the nasty pine pollen is behind us now…temp was down to 60*…very low humidity in the 30’s…so I decided to step out with some apple slices and pail of corn.

Hadn’t even started down the steps good and one stood up, stretched, and began walking to me…sure enough, it was ‘Faith’.
Sat down and fed her about dozen pieces of apple, one at a time and she just gobbled them up.
Then she started on the corn pail…after a while she had her fill…and did this:

Looked up at me with eye contact for a moment…took a step closer to reach my knees and began licking my left knee !! Licked it about a dozen times them turned and sauntered off…


Staff member
Looked up at me with eye contact for a moment…took a step closer to reach my knees and began licking my left knee !! Licked it about a dozen times them turned and sauntered off…

she was just letting you know she'll be looking for ya come early november,,,;)


Eight Pointer
That's really cool Roundball, she's definitely your buddy. I can't wait for your reaction the first time she brings a fawn up to you.

There's a doe that visits here daily who was orphaned very young. Her mother was killed up by the road and some of the bullies in the herd picked on her. She'd rear up on her hind legs and strike at the adults who were picking on her...which is pretty bold for a spotted fawn. She got thumped a lot, but eventually figured out who to avoid. I named her Laila for Laila Ali (the only female boxer I could think of). Since her mother and grandmother both trusted me, she didn't know different from the start. I would let her come eat straight out of the feed bucket. She got very accustomed to hanging out near me and often licks my arms after I feed. I think some of it might be gratitude and some of it might be salts from perspiration on the skin of my bare arm. She is comfortable with me picking ticks off her ears. She will turn 8 years old later this month...her grandmother visited here for 13 years.



Old Mossy Horns
Similar situation here since I retired several years ago...helped a severely injured Fawn over all the summer months until it got healthy again...she showed up pregnant the following spring and has continued to return every spring to have her Fawn(s) out back and bring to the back yard for food & water until around the October Rut time frame.

Injuries as a Fawn 6 years ago...hide & meat ripped off tail broken, etc.
And and a photo of grown up Broke-Butt in 2019 or 2020.
Named her Broke-Butt.