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Some folks in the past have expressed an interest in attending my Thesis Defense. It's basically a 45 minute presentation to the public about my project, and then a closed-door arse-whipping (not open to public). We haven't set a date yet, but it will likely be mid-April. If you want to come and believe you can then please let me know so that I can make sure we get a room with enough seats. It'll be on NC State Campus in Raleigh, and will likely be sometime between 10-4 on whatever day we pick. The presentation is ~45 minutes, then the whipping can take anywhere from 30 minutes (not likely) to the rest of the day. Afterward we'll probably go out to eat so I can lick my wounds and either celebrate (if I pass) or mourn (the other thing).
I've been through that once before. It's really not bad at all IF you did a good job of selecting who's on your committee. LOL
BTW, what's the title of your thesis?


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Assuming this is for your otter research? For those of you that don't know, LD has done more for NC wildlife through his studies and research than most of us combined. Between his otter work, partnering with NCWRC bear and furbearer biologist on bear studies, and pushing trappers to contribute bobcat skulls for another student's research, he has spent countless hours and undoubtedly plenty of his own money to make a difference.

Charlie - you will do great. I have faith. However, I am allergic to the NCSU campus!:)
Wishing you the very best of luck. I have another year in my masters program. Wish I would be able to get out there, but doubt I will. Will be praying for ya.


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Best of luck LD! I suspect you will do fine. The only students I have known that screwed up their defenses were the ones that didn't try, didn't prepare or thought they knew everything. I don't think you fall into any of those camps! :) As an old mentor of mine used to say "It is most important to know what you don't know and not to pretend that you do!"