The start of Swan Taco...


Old Mossy Horns
If you are hunting swan and you do not clean it like a deer and get all the goodness from the full bird you don't know what you are missing.
I cut the wings off and hang it like a deer then remove all the skin and guts.
Let it bleed out a few days in a bag placed in cooler. Then trim the breasts off for the grill and trim all the rest off.

Made a soup the other day that is killer.
Beans, peas, brazed swan, pasta, onions, celery and the rest of gods greatness. ..1547338100217536015818.jpg
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Old Mossy Horns
Cooking up nice..
Added some beer, seasoning, and a shot of woodfords double oak for a earthy tast....15473383075401982603464.jpg


Eight Pointer
I made jerky out of my swan and you would have though I put meth in it the way my guys at work were fighting over it.

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