The Gospel Names?


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This guy?
He was as respected as any Apologist/Theologian that I know

Yet why waste my breath....? You listen to Biden and others who have allegations against them BUT refuse to listen to Ravi??? You will never find a perfect human outside of Jesus (fully God/fully man)


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Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are English translations of Greek names. The Jewish names you mention are English translations of the original Hebrew names. The original Hebrew names are this. I've anglicized them because I don't have Hebrew characters on my keyboard and this is how they are normally anglicized in the Jewish communities:

Abram: Avram
Abraham: Avraham
Isaac: Yitzchaak
Jacob: Yaakov
Reuben: Reuven (pronounced Roo-vein)
Simeon: Shimon (pronounced shee-mone)
Levi: Levi (pronounced Lay-vee)
Judah: Yehuda
Naphtali: Naftali
Gad: Gad
Joseph: Yosef
Benjamin: Binyamin
Issachar: Yissachar
Zebulun: Zevulun
Dan: Dan
Daniel: Dani'el (pronounced Da-nee-el)
Asher: Asher (pronounced ash-er or ah-share)

Thank you KrisB!!

So my inlaws are pretty biblical. Their name is on their church. Some of the names in the family are Obadiah (my 15 year old nephews middle name :eek:, Etzel, Blythe etc.

I have yet to meet anyone named Batsheba. She's one of my favorite stories from the Bible. Maybe there is a translation?