Tar river/bank access


Button Buck
Is there bank access along the tar river? I am new to area and looking to get into some catfish. Any other good bank access catfish rivers are welcome too.

I noticed cape fear had limited bank access, could be mistaken, just moved to NC in April from Arkansas.


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Six Pointer
Welcome to NC!
Sunset Park and Battle Park in Rocky Mount have access points, as does Riverfront Park in Tarboro. The Tar River Paddle Trail lays out boat/kayak access points all along the Tar, which often have enough room for fishing as well.
There are several ponds in and around Tarboro as well that are stocked with channel cats from Mar-Oct by the NC Wildlife Commission. Indian Lake in Tarboro (at the Sport's Complex) and Tar River gamelands ponds (at intersection of 64 and 33) both routinely produce for me. Nothing record breaking, but you'll catch plenty.

Hit me up with a PM sometime and maybe I can join ya...
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Ten Pointer
There is a little used boat ramp with a pier on hwy 258 just outside Princeville....it doesn't get the action the area in Tarboro and Rocky Mount does and is just a little ways from it.


Old Mossy Horns
People fish at the City of Rocky Mount waste water discharge east of town on NC 97. Then you also have two other boat ramps one in Dunbar and the other at NC 33, on the NW side of Tarboro. None are listed as public fishing areas, but people fish at them all the time. City Lake in Rocky Mount would also be an option. Fishing is allowed at the 2 ramps on the Tar River Reservoir. I also think you can fish from the bank on the west side of the dam. Like has been mentioned earlier Sunset Park and Battle Park gives you access to a couple miles of river bank. Another place around Tarboro is Indian Lake.