Tagged Out Honor Roll


Twelve Pointer
Tagged out in VA... honestly got on a group of hot birds (several gobblers, jakes, and sparse w hens) the 1st week of season.

Lord blessed me with hunting 5 days and 3 kills (all nice Toms ..2-2yr olds and 1 -3yr old)

ps Killed 2 Rios (Jake and Tom) in TX one opener eve in March. 4 is total state allowed tags BUT outfitter only allowed 2 per hunter


Old Mossy Horns
Tagged out in FL. A buddy put birds put in my lap.... my first time hunting private land down there.

Tagged out in NC. Figured out how to hunt an area that kicked my butt last year.

Should have tagged out in VA. But I missed two birds during low-light, flying to me right off the roost action. Got to face up to the reality that the eyes are getting old. Time for red dots....


Old Mossy Horns
Tagged out in NC but haven't had the opportunity to hunt another state this season. At least my daughter still has a tag so I can take her.

I may start a poll on "Household harvest increases". I think more people tagged out this season than usual and more people have had a family member bag a bird as well. I've tagged out the past several years but my household harvest increased with my daughter's bird. It'd be interesting to see who increased their harvest over last season.


Twelve Pointer
Tagged out in NC and 2/3 tagged out in VA...but I keep getting invited to "help" other folks and end up doing that most of the days I can go, which I would rather do anyway. Helped "Easy E" tag out in NC for the first time, so that was a lot of fun. I hope to get another chance to fill that last VA tag, but I'm not worried about it. I'm having plenty enough fun accompanying other people and trying to help them fill their tags. As long as I get to play, I'm happy!


Six Pointer
Only hunt NC. First bird took 14 hours, 10 miles, and a dead cow..... ( no I didn’t mistake it for a turkey.) Second bird took about 10 minutes. So I got one of each this year. Dads bird was textbook on everything except the gobble. Roosted him the night before, flew down silent and strutted to 20 yards. Still working on his second.

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Twelve Pointer
Tagged out in NC the first week. Called 4 toms in on Easter morning on an oak ridge after getting my self in position. I was not on my first set up. Called my second biggest Tom later that week on a 20 minute afternoon hunt. Caught the ole boy out and about by himself and he came looking for love.

I called one up for my wifes brother on opening day of youth season. Solid 3 year old with 11" beard, 22.5 lbs and 1 1/4" spurs. Been to Va one time on the second Saturday. 7 month old has had me wrapped around her finger at home ever since. I plan on taking my wifes brother tomorrow 5/9 to Va to see if we can get on one at the club. There has only been 3 killed at the club.


Six Pointer
I tagged out in NC and killed 2 in Georgia. I hunted WAY more aggressively than I ever have in the past and it had an amazing effect. I'm not talking about calling more aggressively but hunting and setting up more aggressive.

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Twelve Pointer
Never tagged out officially in all my years..... could probably could have easily done it, but I get kind of wrapped up in making sure my boys and usually some new members get on a bird..... it has been another great season...... going to look at some out of state trips.....


Six Pointer
Tagged out in NC first one opening day game lands and shotgun muzzleloader second one private land that I did some work for the gentleman and he let me hunt his farm and I killed that one with a crossbow.
Don't be afraid to knock on doors and ask permission,worked out well for me this year because he also gave me permission to deer hunt his farm in the fall


Ten Pointer
Yes I killed two gobblers in NC but it was one of the more unfulfilling spring seasons I've had in a while. Before I was able to kill my gobblers I had two missed shots which which had not happened in about 5 years. These weren't difficult shots and I have nothing to blame but myself.

Also, all the gobblers I encountered where I hunted seemed to be surrounded by multiple hens and essentially nonresponsive to any kind of calling. They would gobble on the roost but I hardly heard any gobbling past 7:30 am and pretty much none of it was at my calling.

All my opportunities for shots came from either being stealthy and just happening to sneak up onto turkeys or setting up the way I hoped they would go and having them walk by.

I was also disappointed that the two out of state hunts I had planned for and looked forward to for months didn't happen. One was canceled by the land owner and the other was effectively canceled by the state who stopped selling NR licenses.

The one positive thing is that I saw a pile of hens on our land, more than I have ever seen in the 14 years I have hunted there. Hopefully they'll have a bunch of poults for future seasons.

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Old Mossy Horns
I tagged out in SC, one in a new place, one in a traditionally hard spot to get one. I enjoyed those trips alot.
Spent three trips with others helping them and was successful once. SC was great.
NC was ok killing one and getting some new places to play on along with some "pity" trips with friends.
VA owes me. Two trips have been ugly silent so far. Hoping to get out a couple of trips this week but wont be tagging out there either.


Four Pointer
We had a good season. Both of my sons and myself tagged out. We also took a young fellow that had never turkey hunted before and he killed one. I tried hard but for the life of me I couldn't get my daughter one. Came close but just couldn't get it done. All on public land.