Swansboro Area


Eight Pointer
Heading down to fish several days end of next week. I’m fairly decent on the lower neuse and pamlico, but don’t know a lot about the swansboro/white oak/bear inlet area. Looking trout and puppy drum, or something to stay interested in looking for a few days. 16’ aluminum rig, so won’t be venturing outside any inlet. Never launched st shell rock, but checked out a month or so ago and looks like pretty fishing. Anybody care to share any info with someone who won’t be back that way again for quite some time? Thx


Ten Pointer
There is good fishing behind bear island and in queens creek. I would try to go during low tide the first day you are there to check out spots and see where you can and cannot go. Lots of moving water there with two inlets close by. If I were after drum i would certainly have a carolina rig with finger mullet handy.


Eight Pointer
I’ve taken my kayak out in Swansboro and done pretty well on drum, nothing big but I caught several fish off of a Beetle Spin, after others on here recommended it to me.