Surf Fishing Myrtle Beach


Six Pointer
If you have time, head south to Murrells Inlet. I would fish the jetties. You can access them through Huntington State Park.


Old Mossy Horns
IMO the only thing to catch at Myrtle Beach is a buzz while watch the ittzy bittzy bikini's stroll by. If you are going to fish, go to the piers and leave the surf alone. There is just too many people in the surf swimming to fish and it's not worth the risk of putting a hook into one of them, even if you were there first and/or if it was totally their fault, it just isn't worth the hassle. Stick to the pier is you want to fish.

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
Fishing at Myrtle beach can be good if you know where to go. Bull Drum like crazy 2 years ago . I used to go down there at least 2 times a month as I had a condo there but the best consistent place I found for fishing was behind the bass Pro in the intercoastal waterway for Blue cats. That part is fresh and has some nice blues in it. I used to think the fishing (because everyone said so) was bad but I took a scuba class at Elon so one Weekend late may or June trip i took my mask, fins and snorkel and early one morning I went out on a slick calm morning to maybe a 4' depth and just swam down the beach looking for whatever. to my amazement I saw flounder after flounder after flounder. That day changed my mine on fishing in Long Bay. Back in the 80's there were about 5 older Gentlemen on the Cherrygrove Pier and they were the best flounder fishermen I have ever seen. They all used Daiwa Millionaire reels and c rigs and mudminnows and just walked piling to piling. Do that at CG pier or do your surf fishing early(daylight) , daylight to 830 or 9am and you will not have a problem with swimmers. I also used to catch gray trout in the surf early on 4 inch grubs. used to catch some decent sharks there as well but shark fishing from shore or pier is illegal in Horry county.