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Hey Guys,

First post here. As my username denotes, I'm an adult that'd like to get into hunting for meat sourcing. Is anyone aware of a reputable hunting club in the west charlotte area? I'm just looking for a place to start, as none of my local family or friends are experienced hunters. Any info or direction is much appreciated. I'd like to be pointed in the right direction by this time next year.
I only know one person who belongs to a club and it's down around Union, SC where most club hunters around here go. You'd pretty much need to know a member of a club which might have an opening, but many clubs have a full membership roster. I used to belong to a pretty good club over in Montgomery County but not sure they still exist. Getting access to land to hunt will be the most difficult part though there are numerous game lands in the foothills. Sounds as if you might need some tutoring in the nuts and bolts of hunting and that might be a challenge also. Maybe some more locals will chime in with suggestions and anyone else with advice would no doubt be welcome. Best of luck getting started.

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As an "adult beginner" also ( as of last year) I have one word of advice-squirrels. If you start on squirrels you will learn valuable skills, have more and easier hunting opportunities and also find success sooner. Plus they're tasty little buggers. A patch of game land and a .410 will get you going. I think one of the reasons for huntings decline is the lack of interest in small game. The first day my son and I took to the woods as hunters we each came home with a squirrel. Just a squirrel you might say, but it made all the difference in the world to us.
Check Craigslist. There use to be numerous openings before the economy got hot. I still regularly check just to see what’s out there and there hasn’t been a lot lately. Probably after the new year there will be some openings in S.C. (usually Chester & Lancaster).


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Most importantly, find a mentor! If not in person, read all u can.. ask lots of questions and MOST OF ALL get in as many hours in the woods as possible.

I learn something each year and I’ve been hunting 30years