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A friend of mine who happens to work for USFWS was at Cades Cove yesterday with his family. They saw a sow with two cubs coming across a field and the car in front of them sped up and was trying to cut them off. They succeeded and then they piled out of the car and proceeded to RUN at the cubs!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a couple, the man stopped. The woman wouldn't even after he identified himself several times and the sow and cubs went into chest high grass she countinued to follow then on in to the woods. She finally returned, saying she wanted to pet the cubs.


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Years ago I saw a woman in cades cove trying to lure a cub out of a tree with saltines. Unknown where momma was and I didn't stick around to find out.


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Mother Nature missed a chance to throw bleach in the gene pool. It’s Called self attrition.
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I suspect those folks are from the same family tree as the gal who put honey on her kids hand so she could get a picture of a bear licking it off. The bear couldn't read the script so it just bit the kids hand off....

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i believe that sow and cubs were going to be rounded up because the sow kept coming around the camp ground.

i believe this, ive seen people jump out of the car and take off running for deer, so no far stretch to think they would do the same for a bear.


Old Mossy Horns
Society has made things "too safe" for natural selection to run it's course. Therefore, as time goes on, stupid people breed and produce even stupider people.
Yep … the whole premise for the film, "Idiocracy". If you haven't seen it, you should. It was originally a comedy, but now it is a documentary.

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Darn, I wish the Mama Bear would have Bitched-Slapped!

Also reported that a 68 old woman, in South Carolina, was walking her little doggie next to a pond at 10 p.m. was attacked by an Alligator. They caught and killed two Alligators in that pond.