(STORY ADDED) Live thread traveling to TX for Rios


Twelve Pointer
Food......tell me about the camp food. Y'all was in Texas, bound to have ate good.
Honestly we were in camp only at night really ... so we ate out for dinner and ate snacks during the day.

unfortunately Coronavirus robbed the camp food experience. Groceries hard to find and restaurants were take out only and closed early

however, we did make sure to eat Rudy’s BBQ twice... their brisket and cream corn are amazing!95C782E9-C3E6-4147-8586-FBC96FA68EB9.jpeg95C782E9-C3E6-4147-8586-FBC96FA68EB9.jpeg7A9989CA-87C6-46EF-9102-4E458737F59A.jpeg


Eight Pointer
That brisket looks good.

My personal favorite is a fried bologna (with yellow mustard) back at camp while retelling the story to your hunting buddies!