Stones Creek Game Land


Button Buck
Hey everyone, thanks for adding me. I’m stationed on Lejeune and haven’t been able to turkey hunt for a couple years because of various training and what not. I was wondering if anybody has looked into this game land and what the turkey population looks like? Thanks


Four Pointer
There are turkeys there. You’ll also have some competition because I don’t think it is a permit draw GL. I’d recce it first. I think they are in the process of cutting the loblolly and replacing with long leaf. That may disturb the things a bit.

My rec is get registered on base, get a gate key from the warden and scout the training areas. There are turkeys all over the base. Challenge is units using the training area not meshing with your sched. Scout mult areas so you can have a alternate plan.


Button Buck
I definitely want to check base out, the game land was just closer to the house I’m buying so I was hoping to catch a break. Thanks for replying!

NC Quailhunter

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There are Turkey on Stones Creek. The Wildlife Commission just did a big timber project on the side that is on HWY 210. That was in conjunction with the DOD. They timbered the Loblolly and then replanted with Longleaf. If you are going to hunt this game land hunt the side near HWY 17. They didn't do anything there in about three years and that was a controlled burn.
If you are in that area don't look past the GSRA which is part of the base. I know there are turkeys out there. I have seen them in multiple areas.
Also Verona Loop is part of the base and isn't that long of a drive. There are a lot of places in that area. Good Luck.