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Anybody know of a base for a 10/22 that utilizes a regular set of rings? Tried this tip off crap and its just pissing me off. The rings are millett "windage" adjustable and no matter what I do they end up offset to one side. I just want a base to utilize one of the many standard set of rings I have


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Weaver makes mounts that takes regular Weaver style or any other brands ring meant for a Weaver/Picatinny base. Several other companies make bases also.

10/22 Base

Local gun shops should have a base in stock that will work.

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Cant go to midway...always gives an "unsafe" message. What part number did you link?
Funny I keep trying the NCWRC and get the same.
Had to call in the last deer, said the site was under attack and trying to steal personal information.
I think it has to do with cell phones or something.

What are your regular rings? There are 50 types.
Weaver, leupold duel dove, single dove......
BTW if you fing that the gun is way off with the scope centered, pull the barrel, clean and check the mating surfaces.
Warn makes a good base if I remember that is steel and fits all weaver rings.
Factory is a weaver look a like base.
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