Eight Pointer
Stevens Model 87A
Iron sights
Sighted at 15 yards


Sears & Roebuck 101.100 w/ factory full choke
12ga #6 high brass
No rib, brass bead


Eight Pointer
Santa brought me a Magnum Research MRL1722. The Vortex 3X12X40 now sits on it, shooting CCI Suppressors.

The 597 is now topped with a Pulsar thermal scope sighted in with CCI Velocitors.

All are sighted in at 50 yards.

Marlin 880SQ bolt with a slicked up trigger, Redhead 4X24thX40 shooting CCI Mini Mags.

Remington 597 with a target hammer and spring kit, Vortex 3X12X40 shooting Remington Gold Bullets and CCI Velocitors.


Ten Pointer
Been many years since i took a shot at a tree rat, just not a common thing up here in Ontario, but have an old bolt action .410 that needs to get dusted off one of these falls

Ashy Larry

Ten Pointer
Shot all last year from bathroom window with either S&W 1522 (4x scope) and fed automatch or 1952 Remington Scoremaster my grandpa hunted with and the CCI quiets. Don’t like the quiets, they didn’t kill good. This year will be sniper style. Savage 93r17 with anything 17 grain and CCI, and a 4-12-50 swift premiere scope. I intend to hunt outdoors a lot more this year.

Anybody have any luck vacuum sealing squirrels in small quantities for the freezer without piercing bags?


Old Mossy Horns
I put up a lot of squirrel meat last year for stew. After soaking overnight I parboiled it till the meat fell off the bone, de-boned it and put it in a gallon jug covered with the stock. When I got more, I just added it on top till the jug was full. Makes for quicker cooking and eating if you want to take some out to fry or barbecue.


Old Mossy Horns
Usually use a little salt in water if there are any blood, shot up meat. Then soak it again in clear water to get the salt out. If it is all nice clean head shots I just let it sit overnight in clean water in the fridge. Mainly just because I don't have time to do the rest of it the same day I clean them. I doubt if it makes a lot of difference but I know it does to remove the excess blood.


Button Buck
Primary- Hoyt Turbo Hawk ( better hunting and bigger squirrels in archery zones)

M&P 15-22 - my son has hijacked this for small game.....

So I use the shotgun (12g) when I am out with him