squirrel stew


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with an Asian twist,,,no exact ingredient quantities,,,I go by taste

large squirrel,,,seventh'd (quartered plus)

put quart of stock or water into the pressure cooker, then add
  • couple of dashs of pepper
  • couple of dashs of red pepper flakes
  • some garlic powder
  • some onion powder
  • some "bangkok blend" from penzeys (anti-gun folks, but left over from the old days)
  • 5 or 10 big dashs of soy sauce
  • some seasoning salt (cause I like it)
toss squirrel parts in, close her up, and set to high for 30 minutes.

chunk up some onion, taters, and sweet taters,,,

when squirrel is done, open up (release pressure first of course),,add root vegetables and cook on high for another 6 minutes


excuse the storage bowl,,,made this to take on my boondoggle I'm heading out for - but had a taste test - it is to my liking but would do mushrooms with next batch,,

that pressure cooking makes that squirrel tender as the day is long



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The hunt club use fix squirrel stew every fall. Use 30 or 40 squirrels case of chicken and several kinds of vegys cooked in big cast iron pot over wood. Was some good eating


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Could this be done slow cooking? Sounds delicious!

by slow cooking you mean a crock pot or on the stove in a pot?
Yes to both

I have basically given up on crock pots - they drain the fluids from the meat - for example, put a chicken in and cook it,,,see how much fluid is in the pot when done,,,I used them for decades, until I got that Nesco electric pressure cooker from a yard sale,,,haven't looked back

I also used to do a day long simmer on squirrels - works well also
but can't beat 38 minutes from raw to fork tender squirrel!!