Spring Turkey Camp 4/28-5/1


Twelve Pointer
Alright NChuntandfish clan, let's start working on this. The high country archery hunt and muzzleloader get-together were a success. Maybe not in terms of animals killed, but overall fun I think it was awesome. I think we need to get a turkey get-together going. I don't turkey hunt. Last time I went was 2006. But, I'll go on a turkey hunt if it means hanging with some good people and seeing some new places. So, what say you? Let's get this started so people can start planning and putting in for time off. I know @Lowg08 , @appmtnhntr , @Ol Copper and @turkeyfoot have talked about doing this and probably have some places in mind.


Eight Pointer
I may be horrible on the when. Will be in Florida April 7-17. Trying to talk the wife into letting me try for an Osceola while there. Then state sportsman club tournament last weekend of april. Then call schedule for the month of may.


Eight Pointer
I would be down for this. Still trying to kill my first turkey after being self taught the last 5 years. So I’m open to learn new bad habits 🤣


Old Mossy Horns
I'm up for it but timing will be real tricky plus getting date set I've already got days approved for spring but if I give enough notice I'm sure I can get another. Only wknd that is out for me is last in April I'll be in Ohio that one rest my out state plans are after our season is out or before its in.