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Spring/Summer Weather Thread


Twelve Pointer
In western harnett area we go some pea sized hail and maybe 30 mph gusts for 15 minutes. Hail about like sonic ice! Oh well getting ready to throw shrimp on the grill!!


Old Mossy Horns
All of it, its not snow really its just cold.....highs in the low 40's, lows in the 20's on some runs.....there are a few times when the models hint at some snow as well but it wouldnt amount to much at all if that happened outside of the mts at least.....the big take away is that Easter weekend is looking well below normal and might be winters last gasp.....with temps well into the 20's in the western half of the state.....could be a killing freeze easily.
No surprise, that happens every year. We almost always see some snow in April also you here


Twelve Pointer
Crazy storm
I’ve witnessed hail like that in Pipestone MN, I don’t recall the date but we were at the fairgrounds racing karts. Very surreal experience when it was Sunny and 85-90 degrees out dropping to what felt like freezing.


Old Mossy Horns
Gonna be a chance at some hailers this weekend. Nothing too crazy coverage wise but expect some hail reports. We could use a rinse to get rid of this pollen.