Someone Had to go Sit In the Truck


Twelve Pointer
Very excited about this telescope. Will be able to see signs of life on nearby earth like planets.

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
I'm gonna make a bold prediction on this one, it's short on a couple of "chips" and it'll never work right :) . Our humanoid buddies on the other planets will make sure that our spy satellites aren't able to watch them taking a shower, making alien babies, enjoying a picnic under all three moons during mid-day, ect.....They walk among us :panic::panic::panic::panic::panic:


Frozen H20 Guy
I wonder if someone my size passed gas in the observatory?

I remember the Epic Hubbell saga. They didn't know until they released the school bus sized telescope in Low Earth Orbit and sent blurry pictures back that something was VERY wrong! Somehow, they fixed that minute imperfection in space.

That is NOT an option with this telescope. Near about 1 million miles beyond orbit I believe. It's either perfect, or broken.

Reminds me of our install team's motto. It's either perfect, or it's wrong.

As far as wasted $, I will say we probably won't see the fruition of these $'s spent for several generations. But that is also known as "investing".