somebody stop me,,,


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so back in the mid 80s after a series of trades while in 2nd ID sniper school on near the DMZ in South Korea I acquired a pre-64 Win Model 70 barrel - it's from the "Bull Gun", the 300 H&H chambered target gun with a 28" bull barrel,,,

idea back then was to build a gun (who the heck starts with the barrel???)

you ever price pre-64 actions?

so it has stayed with me,,,every once in a while I think of trying to sell it,,,but then I just put it back

looking at it today I was like,,hmmm,,wonder what it would cost now?


anyhow,,,thinking of saving my allowances and making up a rifle,,,,would make a long range thunder stick for the fields I sometimes get to hunt,,,

or I made a bad trade and it's a jacked barrel that won't lob two bullets into the same zip code,,,,

time will tell


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Some of the post 64 actions with claw extraction should do fine.
The problems I found looking for a pre 64 was they were too nice to cut up or they were full of holes from fixed sights, mods for different rings or so on.
Easy way is to find a mauser action.
But I can see why you would want to go after a pre 64. They turn some of the nicest custom guns. Also would save needing to rethread and chamber.


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I hope your build works out for you. 300 H&H is a great caliber. I grew up witnessing my Dad take a major portion of the big game species in NA and 20+ animals during a 2 week trip to Africa with a 300 H&H Rem 721.

I plan to be carrying mine to Wyoming in October.