Some Speckled Trout Fishing

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
Went to the Crystal coast with hopes of catching some trout with my son (pic o the right) Colby and my friend Todd. . The Bite has been hot the last few days but most fish are 13-13 7/8th long ! ...we had to go through 20-30 trout for 1 keeper but it was a fun weekend. Most I caught on white 3/8 gotcha head and Xmas tree grubs from haw River tackle but really they were hitting all colors. Video coming out probably at the end of the week.North carolina speckled trout fishing.JPG


Old Mossy Horns
Yea, when they first come in the 1/2 inch short trout will stack up and bite non stop. Nice meat run on some great eats.


Ten Pointer
They are in the surf in front of Nags Head right now too, but size matters of course.


Six Pointer
Some good eating there. I too tried my luck down at Topsail this past weekend, same story most fish were short threw back several in the 13-13.5 inch range. Managed a few keepers but fun fishing none the less


Twelve Pointer
Yep, caught 35 or so on Friday with 4 keepers.. Did catch one 22" though. It should heat up this week with all the incoming cooler weather.


Four Pointer
we caught over 120 in 1 1/2 days and only brought home 10, threw back probably 20 that were just over 14"

Mack in N.C.

Old Mossy Horns
Because of tbe Kill from last year......last Nov these trout avg 18 to 22inches. We were throwing back 18inchers like we were throwing back 13 inchers this year. If no winter kill this year then next year they should be 18 - 22 .