Some mountain counties set record deer harvest so far in 2018


Twelve Pointer
on the mtn hunters.
they are sure fun to talk to when they converge.
they stopped traffic this year at smithfields. they had a caravan of trucks and trailers and every one of them had an eight pointer attached. one more amazing scene.
last year I was going to help a couple that said they were on the GLs. They listened then said they really didn't need much help.
They had one tag left between them. :LOL:
you better lock up your deer when they are around. they flat ass kill deer. and they don't need private land to do it.
Funny you say that. Guy I was in the National Guard with was from Swain County. He would hunt Butner every year over Christmas. When January drill rolled around, he would show us all the pictures of the deer he killed. Always 3-4 in just a few days of hunting, usually a quality buck or two in there. People were always amazed he could do that on public land. He would always look at them and say "Any idiot can kill a deer down there, they are behind every tree. It ain't like that where I'm from, you actually have to look for 'em up in the mtns."


Six Pointer
Good now maybe some of the guys that come from the mountains to hunt and raise lease prices will stay closer to home and hunt.

I live and hunt in the mnts all my life and it’s been my experience that folks from “ down east “ come to my area to pay the big $$$$$ and raise the lease rates....


Old Mossy Horns
the mtn counties may be setting records but the state as a whole is way behind last year.
116,000 versus 156,000.
I hope it’s because the eastern boys quit whacking 4 bucks a season. Darn cowhorns and 4 pointers deserve a break. They’ve been catching hell for decades. After all, they are the dumbest deer in the woods.


Old Mossy Horns
(since mandatory harvest reporting in 1976).

Some counties with record harvests 2018

Cherokee- 675 deer
Jackson- 201 deer
Madison- 1368 deer
Yancey- 1437 deer
Transylvania- 371 deer