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NC has a few snow geese but not really and great number. I have been on a couple of hunts. Aaron Matthews from fourth generation outfitters does a good job and he hunts several states (Just my opinion). However I currently am planning a trip westward to get into the tornados of geese.


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Troy Boyd, fowl hooked. He has a farm leased that holds them from late November till they leave


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We used Aaron from 4th Gen a few years ago too. Bad hunt and of all the guided hunts ive had acroos many states, he had the worst demeanor of any guide. Didnt talk much. Sat there texting and surfing on his cell. Even when the birds arent flying a good guide will at least try to make it an enjoyable experience. Not this guy.


No matter where you go there have not been enough juveniles this year to get the birds to commit.
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Not enough Juveniles no matter where you go. Habit Flats is having the same issue as well as a good amount of the guides up on the Delmarva. We hunted one of my places here in North Eastern NC last week and only killed 7 birds. Not worth putting out 800 decoys. They have talked about crushing the eggs on the nest up in the Tundra as a management plan. I do not think that they did that but if so that could be a reason for the low amount of young birds. Birds really started to show here two weeks ago. What we really need is for an overnight 1/2 inch of snow. I can make some stacks if we get the right conditions.


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Hunted specklbellies in Arkansas past Thanksgiving, tons of birds flying but decoyed poorly. Guide blamed it on lack of juvies.

Do specklbellies and snow geese nest in same areas?